Secrets of Marriage Conference

Get the secrets to unlock the marriage of your dreams, spice up your sex life, & increase intimacy


Let’s be real… Is your marriage stale and boring?

Lots of people spend tens of thousands on the wedding but they never plan for the marriage.
I don’t care if you get married at the Eiffel Tower with a thousand doves being released and a chorus of children singing, you will fail if you don’t put the foundation of wisdom, understanding, grace and humility under your marriage.

Communication lacking?


Does your sex life need spicing up?


Struggling with finances?


Not feeling fulfilled?


Disconnected with your spouse?


Are your date nights needing a boost?

Marriage is hard work

As a kid, we dream about what our marriage will be like. That dream probably didn’t end in disconnect and divorce. Secrets of marriage is a one-day conference that will help you reignite and strengthen your marriage.

3 Steps to Take Back Your Marriage

1) Download Digital Date Night

Our free PDF, “Digital Date Night” is a date in a document. It has everything you need for a great date with your spouse – music, recipes, & questions.

How you end the night is up to you 😉  

2) Register for Secrets of Marriage

Simply register for the conference for you and your spouse. The cost is $50 per person and takes less than 5 minutes total. It’s really that easy.

3) Attend the Conference

Secrets of Marriage conference, held in Scottsdale, AZ on February 8, 2019, will help you find the love, intimacy, and closeness that you’ve always dreamed of for your marriage.  

Too many people find out the hard way, that a good marriage doesn’t come automatically and that the challenges of life don’t disappear when you say “I do.”

We all know that disconnection & divorce were never part of the original dream.

Free PDF

Digital Date Night

Everything you need for a fun date night with your spouse. From a music playlist, a romantic dinner recipe, and a date night game. How you end the night is up to you 😉

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